Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Critters 'n' Fleurs

Birds and flowers are the topic of the day.

First there was this guy, in our yard.  A cardinal! We've seen a few since we moved here, which is a few more than I've seen in twenty years, so it's been cool beans.

Then, his date showed up.

Weird, don't you think , that in bird culture, it's the guy who has to wear all the cute outfits to attract the gal. ;)

I kept a close eye on this guy next door, while our visitors were around.  He behaved, but I feel like it pained him to do so.

This Mourning Dove showed up too.  

And this guy....oh, I can't remember what D told me he was....

Either way, our yard has become like the United Nations for birds.  I like it.  

On my way from work to meet BF this afternoon, I cut through the Public Gardens.  Though not even a shadow of the glory that they will be soon, there are blooms all over.

I can't wait until the gardens are full out growing!  I will be there every day with my camera, capturing the amazingness!  Can't wait to share!

Till next time!

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