Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Ends

Meet Gloria and Hattie
Gloria: Oh hi there!  I'm Gloria Deinonychus, and this is my sister Maudie

Maudie:  Hey.

Gloria:  I guess we're here today to be part of a project this adorable and creative gal we know is doing.  I hear we might get a makeover!  We've never had makeovers!

Maudie:  Most fear evisceration in our presence.

Gloria:  Maudie!  Don't mind my sister, she's gone all dark and emo lately.  Anyway, back to the makeovers.  So this gal, we'll call her H, came across us in a bin months ago and took us home with this project in mind.  I suppose I thought she'd forgotten all about us afterwards, since we've been in a tote bag in a strange, green room since then, but today we were rediscovered.

Maudie:  Exhumed, so to speak.

Gloria:  (rolls eyes) So H immediately went about gathering the rest of the things she needed for the project and got to work.

Gloria:  She had two fairly heavy blocks of wood, exactly the same size, some strong glue, sandpaper and a lovely silver colouring.

Maudie:  Paint.  It was spray paint.

Gloria:  She sanded the blocks of wood as smooth as she could, and tried out the colouring on Maudie. Maudie stayed still but was secretly fuming!

Maudie:  It was cold!  And stinky!

Gloria:  But look how pretty and shiny you are now!  I just couldn't wait for my turn!  Anyway, next she glued our feet to the blocks of wood.  

Gloria:  I have to admit, this part made me a tad anxious, but I soon found I enjoyed the new extra height!  Must be how the supermodels feel!  Maudie didn't like it of course.

Maudie:  It was cold!  And sticky!

Gloria:  H then waited some time until the glue dried and we were secure, and then, finally, she applied the colouring evenly over both of us.  And look!  We're now in a prized position in H's book room.

Maudie:  Holding up the walls.

Gloria:  Oh Maudie.  We're guarding the tomes.  Anyway, come say hello if you're in the neighbourhood!  Promise we won't bite, heehee.

Maudie:  I don't.

(Till next time!)

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