Friday, May 10, 2013

A-Mays-ing Night At The Carleton

(God I'm punny.)

So last night BF and I got to see Matt Mays and Adam Baldwin play a sold out show at one of our very favourite live music venues in the world, The Carleton.  We got there extra early on the advice of the wonderful John, pal, manager, host and sound guy extraordinaire, and had a lovely supper from the kitchen.  

PEI's Nathan Wiley (super cool website, yes?) opened and played a great set of his quiet and thoughtful folk-rock songs.

Then came the headliners, Mays and Baldwin.  

These two have been playing together for quite a while now and have really great chemistry, both as musicians, being able to play off of one another and improvise their jams, as well as in their between song banter, joking around and telling funny stories.  

They played songs from each of Mays' albums, from 2002's Matt Mays to last year's Coyote.  They did off the wall versions, jamming out, sometimes slowly a song down, sometimes speeding it up, changing things around from the studio versions.  Baldwin kicked ass as usual with his electric guitar and great vocals.

And Mays sang and played with his usual sincere ferocity.

Although when he plays bigger venues with a full band, he will rock your knee socks right off,  this was definitely one of my favourite shows I've seen of Mays'.  There is nothing like being ten feet away from the artist, being able to see their facial expressions as they perform, and have great interactions with the audience.  The intimacy of such a show will always make you appreciate their music in a different way.

The duo ended the night by playing City of Lakes, from Mays' first album, a love song to his hometown, Dartmouth.  From beginning to end, a great show gents, thanks.

Adam Baldwin is also a really talented singer-songwriter, and helms The Carlton's house band, The Carletones, every Saturday night; always a raucous scene.  Next time you're looking for a fun weekend night, head down, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Happy weekend everyone!  Till next time!

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