Sunday, May 5, 2013

Family Day

Yay love!  
Today my Mum and Pops and D came for a visit!  It was the first time my parents saw our new house (they approve!), so it was really exciting.  My Dad helped us identify some of the many random plants in our backyard...

Random tiny rhubarb plant
and Mum brought up a bunch of jars of her amazing homemade relish, just in time for summer barbeque season. 

World's Best Relish (like, seriously)
BF and I made risotto and pork chops for lunch and T came over with some yummy lemon cupcakes for dessert. 

BF stole a lot of the frosting off this one.
We all sat around the table and talked about gardens and bird watching...

Handsome devil puffing himself up to show off for the girl jay across the yard.
 and wedding crafts...

Coffee filter rose
and growing up in the country.  It was a lovely visit and we just don't get enough of them.  Please come again soon guys!

Till next time, folks!

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