Monday, June 3, 2013

Old Crow Medicine Show

Friday night saw Halifax's Olympic Hall play host to the amazing Old Crow Medicine Show, a fantastic bluegrass band from Nashville.  I had the good fortune to see them a few years back at the Phoenix in Toronto, and that was a great show, but this one, ohhhhh baby!  

Old Crow are one of those bands whose energy makes you shake your head and say, "how do they do that??"  You can tell they love being on stage and really feed off of the audience, who then gets fed back ten fold!

It seems like every one of the guys in the band can play any instrument and throughout the show they trade up and jam on different ones, and they all sing.  

Just lookit the fun they're having.

And lookit all the fun they're having.

The whole show was amazing, super high energy, crazy awesome jams, great crowd, just everyone having a wonderful time, so you'd think it'd be tough to pinpoint the best part.  In this case, in a night filled with highlights, it still wasn't hard.  After the guys finished their set and went off stage, they soon came back and performed a truly rousing version of the famous and East-Coast beloved "Barrett's Privateers," by the legendary Stan Rogers.  

They pretty much blew the roof off the joint; my ears rang for hours after from the audience's ecstatic cheers and I am getting goosebumps right now just remembering it.  Amazing.  You have to love a band who appreciates its fans enough to do a bit of digging around for ways to really connect with them and make each show personal.  These guys take home the trophy.

After that, they welcomed opener Shakey Graves back to the stage for a final couple of songs.

Pretty sure there wasn't a soul in the place who wanted it to end, but as all good things do. . . .

Truly awesome show.  Thanks Old Crow Medicine Show!

Oh, PS:  I managed to record a little bit of Barrett's Privateers, plus a little glimpse of that lively jamming I talked about, in case you're interested!  It's not the greatest quality, but you'll get the gist!

Till next time, friends!

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