Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Belinda Carlisle Was Right!

Heaven IS a place on earth!  

It's in my backyard!

I've spent the whole day there so far and it's been wonderful.  I had my coffee and read my book.  Just finished my second graphic novel, Persepolis; now I must decided which is next - The Walking Dead or From Hell.  I also hung the laundry out and it was dry in an hour.  It's that kinda day!  

This is what I had to look at:

Bright blue skies, our trees all full and green. . . . BF's Prayer Flags blowing in the gentle breeze. . .

Our yard grows inches a day it seems; it's getting to be like a jungle out there now!

Never mind those old cans, we just haven't gotten around to getting a watering can for our plants yet so they're doing the trick for now, haha!

Our friendly doves were out having breakfast.  This one is called Gus and his favourite food is dried up corn.

Look at that sky!

Alright loves, I'm done inside, time to go back out; I so hope you've been able to get some Vitamin D yourselves! 

Till next time!

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