Friday, June 21, 2013

A Few Of My Favourite Things (The Home Edition)

I've been a slack blogger as of late, but it's not that it's not often on my mind.  I had the idea for this post ages ago and have snapped photos here and there but have been kind of lazy at compiling them I guess.  Sorry folks, and friends from away.  But here I am and here, at last, are some photos, little glimpses of our house and the things and spaces we love.

Our living room is definitely the most finished and coziest part of the house right now.  Before we got our awesome dining room table this was, and mostly still is, the room we spend the most time in.

We have lots of our favourite things hanging out here.
Pine table from Indonesia, a gift from an old friend.  Still has bunny chews all over that I just don't have the heart to paint over.  
Arlo the Robot Lamp

Tunes - you want 'em, we got 'em.

Little Dia de Muertos characters we found in Kenzington Market.
When BF and I go away, we like to collect cool little stones and the such from the places we go.
Tiles I painted to look like a sunset, an abstract painting found abandoned near a friend's elevator, a carved wooden lizard BF brought from Australia, a red beaded candle holder I made ages ago, an WWII artillery shell from Belgium, carved into a beautiful vase, a mosaic jar from my friend S.
Then there is the Green Room / dining room.  You've already seen our lovely table.  Look what else we've added.

Handmade wooden couch BF found at a yard sale for $10!  It doesn't have a cushion, so so far we are just using a lumpy old camping foam and an Indian tapestry to cover it up!
Candle lanterns.
New photo wall in the Green Room, including, at left, a gorgeous photo by D, a housewarming gift. It is of a sunset at the Ferry Beach, in Bayfield, a beach we've grown up on. 
Some flowers from BF.
Levon, just waiting for the next jam session.

The kitchen is a work in progress.  Little bits at a time, a coat of paint here, the removal of icky door handles there.

Is it lame that I am so stoked by our new drawer pulls?
BF and I both like to pick up cookbooks here and there.  If you know of a great Thai one, let me know!
The ever growing S&P collection.
We might not have proper storage in our kitchen right now, but we've got LOVE!
Our bookroom grows constantly too.  Eventually wall shelves will be built, but for now. . . 

This dino used to be my bunny, Indiana's favourite toy.  He now lives with under our palm plants in the book room.
Upstairs, is our ridiculously large bedroom.

It's nice to have so much room!  We put a little relaxing reading nook in the corner:

And my shoes all have their place, off to the side:

This beautiful iron wood carved table was a gift from my folks when I graduated university.  You see the moon immediately of course, but check out the legs - they're little owls!
And no tour of the house would be complete without a peek outside.

Another sunny day!  How lucky are we?!
If I stand beside this hosta, it goes almost to my waist and is, like, close to six feet across.  IS THIS NORMAL?  No seriously, someone give us some advice, they are taking over the yard!
The late blooming lilac tree.
And soon we'll have roses!
Well, ok, that's it for now. I know I skipped a few rooms, but they aren't really very interesting yet, so just hold your horses, I'll be back with more.  I think I'm gonna go sit out in that sunny yard now!

Till next time!

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