Saturday, June 29, 2013

St. John's 

So BF and I got back from a little vacation in St. John's, Newfoundland a few days ago and are still missing it.  For one, we had great weather there, sunny to the point where we both got a little pink from the sun, something I haven't even considered a possibility in Halifax since "summer" started.

Second, it was just such a great place to spend time in.  The people are amazing, so kind and funny and the most gracious hosts.  The place itself is stunningly beautiful.  The restaurants can rival anything any city ten times its size can offer, as can the shops downtown.  

We arrived in the afternoon and my dear friend D and her baby W met us at the airport and gave us a quick tour before dropping us at our B&B.  We got settled in and right away went strolling downtown.  

We'd made reservations for an amazing restaurant weeks before and didn't have a lot of time, so just hung out in a little park close by, dedicated to the two types of dogs who get their names from this fine province - the Labrador and the Newfoundland.  I feel a particular affinity for the Lab, a breed my family has kept close and dear for years.  

That same park provided this view of Signal Hill:

Soon enough, time came for supper at:

Raymonds has recently been named the best new restaurant in Canada, a big deal when you consider the size of our great nation, but I tell you what - the claims did not set us up for disappointment.  We started with the charcuterie plate which I was too excited about to remember to record.  But then came:

This one was mine - Arctic Char with pureed salsify, roasted veg and a lobster tail garnish.  BF had the duck - confit croquette with roasted veg, carrot puree, quinoa and duck jus.

Oh. My. God.  The service was amazing, the view spectacular, the food unbelievable.  Raymond's is a place you might have to save up for, for a special occasion, but it will not disappoint.

After a truly special meal, we strolled to the legendary George Street to see what we could find for live music.  First we ended up at Fat Cat.  Sadly I can not tell you the names of the performers, but they were fun, plus check out the paintings on the wall.  

After a while we decided to move on to Bridie Molloy's for some more traditional music.

While we were there, we also witnessed part of the game:

Sorry lil bro, maybe next year.

So our first night in Newf was a success.  We got a peek at the gorgeous scenery to come, the amazing food and the music scene on George Street.

We walked back to our B&B by the light of the moon, a day away from being the supposed Super Moon.  

More later friends, so much fun to talk about.....

Till next time!

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