Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

What a weekend we had!  On Friday, BF and I hosted our official housewarming party and boy, was it a good one!  We had some of BF's colleagues over for dinner (roasted butternut squash risotto and pork tenderloin with a fig balsamic reduction, my go-to when I am feeling less than imaginative) and soon after, people started to show up.  

The shoe depot would eventually triple in size!  Hope everyone got the right ones on the way out! ;)

Unfortunately I didn't get many photos of the actual gathering on account of wanting to visit with all of our guests, but I got a few of the early jammers.

Even Levon got in on the act!

And there was a special appearance by Olive, our friends' M&N's little one.

She was the life of the party until she had to take a nap under the table!

It was such a fun night, I think the last people left at about 3am and we managed to get to bed by 4!  Thanks so much to everyone who came!

The next day, for whatever reason, I was up with the sun.  

I was up so much earlier than everyone else that, well.....I just went back to bed, haha.  

We all got up in time for lunch and went out to do a few errands.  The errands eventually yielded probably the biggest game haul in Value Village trip history - BF and I found not one, not two, but THREE different Trivial Pursuit games (all our favourite people are trivia geeks, so I predict some fun games nights in the future), the original Scene It, a drinking trivia game and Clue!  

While we were out, we also picked up a couple awesome chairs for our backyard, a housewarming present courtesy of my Mumsy and Pops. Thanks guys!

This, of course, meant we ended up spending pretty much the rest of the day in the yard.  We brought out the instruments once again. . . 

 . . . and BF made us a delicious late supper of steak and corn on the barbeque, and a yummy salad.

We built a little fire. . . 

. . . and watched the moon rise. . . 

. . . and then, as it does on an early summer evening here in the Maritimes, it got chilly enough for us to head inside, where we brought out the new/old Clue board and gave our rather rusty detective skills a go.

Ahhhhh, weekends.  Is there anything better?

Till next time folks!

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