Tuesday, July 9, 2013

That Was Then......

When BF and I first moved into our house, in March, this is what the backyard looked like.  

Wowza, did we ever have NO idea what we were in for!  It's July now, and here's what we've got going on:

It's wild!  Like a jungle!  We've got the world's biggest hostas:

Those things are eight feet across and waist high - well, on me anyway.  I keep expecting a dinosaur to bust out at us but so far the wildlife has been limited to birds, bees and bugs.

I interrupted a private moment . . . and now I'm posting it on the internet like the paparazzi in front of Lohan's house. . . . 

Anyway, look at all the pretty stuff we've watched pop up over the last few weeks.  We've got at least three bushes full of these beautiful little roses:

A giant wild rose bush with dozens and dozens of blooms:

And a few bushes of these little roses:

Unfortunately, one of the white rose bushes is falling down the hill!  That's it in the middle:

The rain we've had pretty consistently over the last two months has caused the ground to loosen up and a few of the large bushes that are growing on the steepest part of our backyard are actually sliding down the hill, pulling their own roots right out of the ground!

We used to have twice the number of patio stones but the rogue bushes are taking over!

I think we're going to pull out the biggest one, along with a couple cedars that are sliding along with it and already dying.  A landscaping friend says we can just fill in the space by splitting some of the giant hostas and spreading them around.

We've also got peonies:

A hydrangea plant popping up in the middle of the lawn:

And what looks like a million lilies growing all around the perimeter of the yard:

And that's just the stuff that's been there since before we were.  We are also keeping an eye on the few little plants we've been growing ourselves.  Some Hens and Chickens from my parents' garden:

I actually thought they'd died but they've made a remarkable comeback.

The hydrangea J gave us is settled into it's new planter and is growing a new bloom:

Then there is the celery and garlic I planted from, well, food scraps:

The celery is growing slooooooowly, it's only about five or six inches tall.  The garlic grew like mad, I've trimmed it back several times, from well over a foot tall, to what it is now.  It's been a couple months now and it seems to be going strong. I can't wait to harvest it!

It's exciting and intimidating to know that this yard is ours to do what we want with.  We have some immediate plans to fix a few things up, especially to make it look a little bit less wild for our wedding in September, but for the most part we're just letting it do it's thing and seeing what happens.  

Till next time!!

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