Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Appointment With The Doctor

Friday night was the first night of the Halifax Jazz Festival, and BF, D and I were in attendance at the opening show, Erin Costelo and legendary New Orleans piano player and singer-songwriter, Dr. John!

(I was way too short to get any good photos, so I have my dear BF to thank for all the Dr. John shots.  Thanks BF!)

Local gal Erin opened with a great set.

Followed by the Night Tripper himself, with his AMAZING band.

We didn't get photos of everyone, but we managed a couple!  

Dr. John mostly plays the piano, but he got up and jammed on his guitar for a while too, the instrument he started off playing back in the day, until he suffered a gunshot injury to his finger while defending a friend.  Yes, seriously.  He can still wail though!

Such a night!  He and his band were tighter 'n a drum and played full out for close to two hours - not bad for a guy who'll be 73 this year!  

Have you checked out any of the Jazz Fest shows?  It's running for the rest of the week, and there are lots of free shows too, so get out there!

Till next time folks!

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