Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Saga

A few days ago I picked up the second volume in the Saga series.

If you recall, I read the first one practically accidently a few months ago when I bought it for someone else, and fell in love, not just with this particular story, but with the genre.  Since then I've read a bunch of great comics, but have been waiting enthusiastically for the next installment of the, saga....

In this volume, we get a bit of history, both of the interplanetary war that keeps Marko and Alana's people apart, and of how our heros first met and got together.  We meet several important new characters from Marko's past, and get to know some of the previously introduced characters - specifically the ones that have been chasing the couple down - a bit better.

The entire volume, I felt, was an establishing one, a getting to know you episode, which is fine since there are a lot of characters to keep track of.  Motives are determined, backgrounds revealed.  Writer, Brian K. Vaughn, does a great job with exposition, making it mostly come from natural developments, lines dropped in conversation, dreams, bits of flash back.  It never seems contrived or forced upon you for lack of imagination.

I think I was so drawn to this story because the two main characters, Alana and Marko, seem like people I know, could share a bottle of wine with in the backyard.  They are written really realistically despite having wings and horns, like they are just a couple of smart-ass kids from the North End who happen to fall into some trouble with the law because of other people's judgement and unhappiness.

Once again, it took me about an hour to read this book, and now I have to wait for months for the next one.  The guy at Strange Adventures advised that I try to pace myself in situations like this, but laughed knowingly when my response to that was "PFFTT!!"

So, on the advice of he and a few friends who are fans of Brian K. Vaughn, I am going to be picking up some of his other books soon.  I can't wait!  Keep ya posted!

Till next time, friends!

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