Sunday, September 29, 2013

Xavier Rudd

Wow, so I'm finally getting around to trying to catch up on my blog posts.  We'll see how I do, considering I'm very behind, but here we go.

A while back - wow, way back on July 18th actually - Husband and I, along with our friends DW and B, had the great pleasure of seeing Xavier Rudd live at the Olympic Hall here in Halifax.  It was Husband and B's first time to see him, but my fourth and DW's second time.  I've been a huge, huge fan of his music for years now, and after seeing him for the first time at the Marquee Club, also here in Halifax, many years ago, I vowed to never let him come through this part of the world without going to see him.  That promise still stands.

Rudd is unlike any performer I've ever seen.  He's a true hippie, earth, animal and human rights activism, barefeet and dreadlocks and all.

He has this amazing vibe when he plays, sending out the very best energy, making everyone feel great, feel like dancing until your legs are sore.  While he plays and sings, you can often see him looking around at the audience, making eye contact and smiling his infectious smile.  He's just awesome.

I was super stoked that I got to bring Husband to a X show.  The first time I saw him, I went alone but made friends easily in such a crowd.  The second time, I brought DW, and the third time, brother D and I saw him play with his band Izintaba at the Evolve Festival near our hometown.  So it was awesome that husband got to see him this time!

Rudd is a multi-instrumentalist, so his stage is usually full of things to play.

He's usually by himself up there, but sometimes he's joined by a friend.

He also always makes his activism part of the show, often speaking out about protecting the earth and for Aboriginal rights.  He is clearly a person who cares about things very deeply, wears his heart on his sleeve and has a great connection to his spirituality.

If you can tear your eyes away from him on stage long enough to look around, you'll see so many different kinds of people, young, old, from preppies to hippies, at this show I think we counted seven very, very pregnant women, and everyone is dancing!  His music makes everyone happy.

Honestly, if you EVER get the chance to see him live, YOU HAVE TO GO!  He's amazing!  This is one of my favourite songs of his, Time To Smile, from his Kooyum Sun album.  Check him out:

Till next time, friends!

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