Saturday, September 28, 2013

She's Got a Ticket to Ride!

So a bit of a biking update.  It's been a month now since I got my bicycle and I've ridden it most days since then, with the exception of the week BF.....WAIT, he's not "BF" anymore.....with the exception of when Husband and I went away after our wedding (and yes, there will be posts about all that jazz too!).

I cycle to work each morning before 6am, which, as it turns out, is the best time to bike.  There's very little traffic and I can sometimes get half way to work without seeing a vehicle, which is awesome.  It gives me time to get used to the actually physical cycling part, get used to which gears are best to use when and so on.  The ride home is always at a busy traffic time, and so I have been getting used to that too.

It has gotten easier.  I still get nervous at times, when huge trucks and buses and the like roar by, but not as much as I used to.  I'm still not good at using the official hand signals, so mostly I kind of sidle of to the side until traffic is clear and I can just dash across, or even walk my bike across.  I'll get a handle on that eventually too, I hope.

Today was a great biking day here in Halifax, so Husband and I went to Quinpool to visit the Halifax Cycle Gallery for the first time - but not the last!  The guys at the shop were having a huge sale - 30% off bikes and 50% off accessories!  I've been needing a basket to carry my things in, so that was the reason for the visit, but when we got there, we realized there were all kinds of treats to be had.  Check it out:

So I got that great basket which snaps off so you can take it on your errands, which one of the gents at the shop put on right away. I also got a comfy new seat, which will make my ride sooooo much better, that super cute new helmet, which actually fits, a new bike lock that doesn't weigh five pounds (it's that pink thing in the basket) and a light for the back.  Whew, what a haul!  Husband got an awesome new helmet for himself too, with a light on the back for nighttime.

The guys at the shop were amazing too, which was such a relief.  They were super friendly and knowledgeable (the guy who put my seat on took one look at the old one and immediately knew exactly what bike it came off of originally - twenty-five years ago!) and helpful.  They put on the basket and seat for free, right then and there, without my even having to ask, and they knew everything we needed to know about everything in the shop.

Overall, it was a really great experience and I would so very highly recommend them if you need anything bike related!

The ride home was so much fun, with my new seat not hurting my butt as the old one did, and without a big purse slung around my shoulders, sliding around and weighing me down.  We stopped at a couple book sales and soon filled that new basket up with new reads too, haha.

Anyhoo, it's still bright and warm out there, so time to get back outside, maybe for another ride!  Hope you're enjoying your Saturday too!

Till next time!

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