Thursday, November 21, 2013

So Much To Do......

This is the busiest time of the year for many people, the weeks leading up to the holidays, as it certainly is for us.  A month - EGADS! - to go and not even one present has been made.  How did the end of November sneak up on us so quickly?  There is so much to do around the house and to get ready for Christmas, but yipes, so much fun to be had too.

Like tonight, for example, I'll PROBABLY go to the Tedeschi-Trucks Band show instead of dusting my salt and pepper shakers.

Although that rabbit DOES look somewhat dismayed. . .

And tomorrow, we might just have a dinner and drinks and games party with family and friends rather than doing the raking in the chilly backyard.

Looks like one thing I WILL have to do before the dinner party, is some grocery shopping.  Pretty hard to make risotto without arborio.

And though I'm gonna have to at least do some ironing beforehand. . .

. . . I'm pretty sure we'll be going to Husband's work Christmas party instead of folding the laundry.

Oh for shame, as my Mum would say.

Yep, things pile up pretty quickly when there are holiday and birthday parties, friends having babies, astronauts to meet, family to visit, concerts to go to and addictive television shows to catch up on.  What can you do but carry on?

I hope you're all having an easier time keeping up than I am!  Till next time!

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