Saturday, August 24, 2013

Time Flies.....

....when you're planning a wedding.

In exactly THREE SHORT WEEKS, I will be a Mrs!  Wow, how time has flown since BF and I got engaged, and the closer we are to that special day, the faster time seems to be going.  We've gotten so much done already, thanks to a bunch of truly amazing friends and family.  There's still lots more to do - food, favours, dress-fitting, last bits of decorating - but it's under control.

Over the past few weeks, I have to admit, I caught the Bride Bug.  I'd like to think I didn't exactly become a Bridezilla, as they say, but I definitely had several freak-out moments.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank BF for being such an amazing support and not only putting up with my panicky moments, but doing things like this to cheer me up and chill me out:

I'm a lucky gal.  He's not one of those just-show-up-on-the-day grooms at all, he's been in charge of lots of bits of planning, has even gotten in on making decorations and is doing a batch of favours all on his own.  What a guy!

Anyhoo, I have half a trillion little posts floating around that, once all the wedding madness is over, I shall be wrangling and posting.  Just thought I should pop in to say hello and keep y'all.....well, posted.

Till next time, friends.

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