Saturday, August 10, 2013

So Long, St. John's!

(I know, I know, I have fallen back into bad-blogger territory with my posts - sorry about that, but believe me when I say, I think about it a lot.  There are posts hidden in the busy depths of my wedding planning, suddenly full-time working, house keeping, yard tending, BF doting mind - they are just having a hard time fighting their way through.  That's why this one is so very, very late.)

For our last day in St. John's, we'd made plans with D to do a little road trip out to Cape Spear, the most easterly point of land in North America.  I was excited, not just to be able to spend more time with D (and sweet, adorable R!), but to finally see this place I'd always heard about in history classes and Canadian Heritage Moments.  ;)

We got up and headed downtown for a quick lunch, after which D and R picked us up and we drove out.

Being the most easterly point in North America, it's nothing but sea, as far as you can see.  Apparently we were there during prime whale spotting times, alas, they must have gone on a day trip themselves because we didn't see even one.  Below is the view back toward St. John's, of Signal Hill.

There's the Citadel at the top.

This is part of the East Coast Trail, a hiking trail that BF and I promise ourselves we will do one day when we have more time.

 BF ran ahead to get photos.

Little R was concerned for his safety out there on the high cliffs, all by  himself, so he came running back so she wouldn't be afraid.

It was pretty cute, R and BF became fast friends during our visit.  Here, R is showing BF the huge spider's nest she found.

A hundred baby spiders don't scare this three year old!

Driving back toward town, we stopped to take a look at the city from a different angle.

Then, we said our See-You-Laters to D and R, tried not to shed a tear, and went off to do our last bit of exploring.

Just look at this place, so beautiful!

For our last night, we went back to our fave pub, O'Reilly's, for open mic night.

They started late, but we caught a few great performances before we had to head out.  I'm sorry but I can not for the life of me recall the names of these musicians - but they were great!  Can everyone in Newfoundland sing old folk songs in a soothing baritone while playing acoustic guitar, and on occasion, harmonicas, fiddles or accordions?  I guess so.

It was here that I discovered that all the hiking and strolling we'd done all week had worn a hole right through the toe of my favourite shoes.  :( 

Oh well, the adventures they'd seen certainly made it worth it!

On our last walk back to the Inn on a foggy, drizzly night.

So long St. John's, we loved meeting you, thanks for being so fun!

Till next time!

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