Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello!  Manifesto!

A very wise man once said:  "Life Is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."  True knockin'.  I'd been thinking about doing this for a while and I finally registered this blog a week ago when I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend, thinking it would be a neat, symbolic way to begin - starting a wonderful new life and this blog project simultaneously, like opening a fresh new chapter.  Alas the fates weren't having it.  Between loosing our internet connection, being sick and being crazy busy this is the first real opportunity I've had all week to sit down and actually do some writing.  
But here I am!  And so it begins.

There are many reasons I've been wanting to start writing a blog: I'm a writer, for one, and haven't been practicing much over the last few years due to a woeful lack of motivation.  There are quite a few blogs I love to read and when I check them for new posts and there are none, I feel disappointed, so I figure if I send some of my friends links to my blog and know that they are checking it, it will be the stimulus I need to see to it that there are often new things to read and see.  

So the writing thing is one.  As I said in my header, I am artsy fartsy; I really like working with my hands and making things, but I can get lazy at times, and I've also been known for starting things, getting distracted and not finishing them before I move on to begin something else.  My intention for this blog is to post a new, finished project each week, whether it is a piece of jewelry, a great cooking idea I want to try, a new dress, a painting or a papier mache pig, come hell or high water, I will have something to show for myself.  Even if there is only one person following my blog, I will have something for you at least once a week.  (You can further motivate me by threatening a no coffee in the AM clause *wink*)

As you can clearly see, this particular entry doesn't come with a project, but hey, it's only Thursday, I still have time.  I just really wanted to get this thing on the go.  So there it is.  Stay tuned for more.

Oh!  PS:  I also promise to make this blog LOOK much, much more interesting - those of you who know me know the techie computer stuff is not amongst my talents, but I'll figure it out and it'll get done, and hopefully sooner than later.  Keep the faith!

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  1. Woohoo! I, for one, look forward to what ya are gonna do!