Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weird Winter Wonderland

This has been an odd winter.  We've had more snow and snowstorms/blizzards than I can remember having since I was a kid, and we've had more freezing cold days and city wide shut-downs than I can remember period.

I woke up this morning to a stunning sight.

Everything outside is covered in a layer of white.  From a distance I assumed it must have been freezing rain, but then I went outside for a quick photo session and discovered that everything is, in fact, covered in big flakes like this:


It's cold, but it sure is pretty!  There's my cute little bike helmet behind that frosty window, awaiting better days:

The birds have all gone to warmer climes, their summer home closed up for the winter.  There are some garlic babies in those pots too, hibernating.

The big pine across the street, all dressed up.

In fact, the whole street is:

Now, apparently we're supposed to get a crazy rain storm later today, which hearkens back to the odd winter statement I made earlier.  Right now it "feels like" -18, and by early tomorrow morning it's supposed to go up to +9.  Whacky.  So anyway, glad I braved frozen fingers for a while to capture some of this prettiness before it's all washed away.

Hope you're all warm and cozy, friends!  Till next time!

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