Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bea's First Snow Adventure!

This afternoon, Bea and I hung out in the backyard for a bit.  On Sunday, Bea's friend Willa gave her a little coat that had gotten too small for her, so Bea would be warmer in the Winter.  Look how sporty!

Since it snowed yesterday, I thought it might be fun to see how Bea reacted to it.  Mostly she just followed me around and ate the snow, but I think pretty much anything she does is super cute so I had to share.  It's possible that there are some hard-hearted individuals out there who won't think that this tiny clip is the most adorable thing ever, but whatever.  

I know there's not much action, but I love it at the very beginning when she munches on the snow, and when she tries to turn around but her little coat is too thick so she has to back up instead.  And that little face!  Oh my heart!  Gotta go kiss it!

Till next time!

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